20 Awesome Google Tools for Your Business

Google tools cans help jumpstart your startup. Let’s face it—Google is the ruler of the Internet. Its name is both a noun and a verb. (Think about that for a minute). Though the digital world makes it possible for small business startups to launch to compete for business, it’s intimidating. Many new entrepreneurs risk spending a sizeable investment without seeing results. Daley Consulting, LLC, located in McDonough, GA, educates and advocates for solo and micro business owners.

Before spending thousands on your digital marketing, read about Google tools that can help you launch on a budget.

What Are Google Tools

Google tools are a set of applications and services developed by Google. These tools are designed to help users with their computing needs. One of the benefits includes solo and micro businesses competing for market share against big companies. With tools like Analytics, Gmail, Business Profile, and Docs, a solo business can run its operations without the typical costs associated with running a business.

The Benefits to Your Startup

Google tools are free to use and available for anyone, including small business owners. It is an excellent way to bypass operation costs and find customers for free. Google tools enable you to:

  • Increase productivity with partners, clients, and employees by allowing you to collaborate and share information on a secure platform
  • Build a web presence for your business for free
  • Gain insight into what clients think of your business
  • Create a community around your brand and share information with customers
  • Research your competitors and gain industry insight
  • Market your business and gain customers organically (without paying for ads)

Here are 20 Google Tools You Can use for Business (and Most Are Free)

Below is a list of Google products and tools to help your small business grow.

Google Ads

Ads is a paid advertising platform that enables businesses to reach new customers with targeted ads. Google displays Ads on Google.com and millions of other websites across the web.

Google Alerts

Alerts is a service that enables you to track news, find people, and monitor your business mentions.

Google Blogger

Blogger is a content management system that lets you create and host your blog or website.

Google Business Profile

Profile is a free platform that helps small businesses manage their online presence. It includes a free business listing in Google Maps and Google Search. In addition and tools to help you track your website traffic, respond to reviews, and create a strong online presence.

Google Analytics

Analytics is a powerful, free web analytics tool that lets you track your website traffic, understand your customers, and improve your website’s performance.

Google Calendar

Calendar provides various tools for managing your schedule, including creating and managing events, setting reminders, and sharing calendars with other people.

Google Docs

Docs is a free online word processing Google application that lets you create and edit documents collaboratively.

Google Domains

Domains is a free online domain registration service that lets you register and manage your domain name with Google.

Google Drive

Drive is an online cloud-based file storage service that enables you to store files in the cloud. You can access your files from any device connected to the internet.

Google Forms

Forms is a free online survey application that lets you create and distribute surveys, collect responses, and analyze the results.

Google Maps

Maps is a free online mapping service that lets you create custom maps, find business information, and get driving directions.

Google Meet

Meet lets you hold online video conferences. The app is free to use and lets users have online video conferences with up to 15 participants. The app also includes features such as screen sharing and live streaming.

Google Merchant Center

Merchant Center is a free online tool that lets you create and manage product listings for your business on Google Shopping.

14. Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a free optimization tool that helps webmasters improve their website’s performance. It also provides them with recommendations on how to fix the problems.

15. Google Podcasts Manager

Google Podcast Manager is a Google app that lets you manage your podcasts. With it, you can subscribe to podcasts, download them for offline playback, and listen to them on your Android device or desktop computer.

16. Google Sheets

Sheets is a spreadsheet app that allows you to create, edit, and share spreadsheets online. It is a free service from Google that enables you to work on your spreadsheets with others in real-time.

17. Google Sites

Sites is a platform where you can create a website for free. It is a part of Google’s suite of web applications, and it is easy to use. You can create a website in minutes, and there is no need to learn HTML or any other coding language.

18. Google Slides

Slides is a free and easy-to-use presentation software. This Google tool helps users create and share presentations easily with others.

19. Google Trends

Trends is a Google service that allows users to compare the popularity of search terms over time.

20. Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools is a free online tool that helps you optimize your website for Google search and track your website’s search engine visibility.


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