About Us

We Bring Life To Your Online Presence

Who Are We

We are a freelance husband and wife duo, specializing in small business consulting. We provide customer web design, online marketing and business continuity services. We manage your project from start to finish and provide training and support.

Our Mission

To facilitate growth and  full potential of our small business clients by making technology easy. 

What We Do

Daley Consulting is an independent consulting firm that uses empowerment and agility to bring value to your business. We utilize our experience and knowledge of big business strategies and techniques to give small business customers an advantage into todays fast pace technology.

Our Project Process


In the Discovery phase we collect and analyze information about your project, its intended market, audience. It us to allows get a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of your business goals, scope, and limitations


In the Define phase, the requirements that are associated with your project results are specified as clearly as possible. This involves identifying the expectations that all of the involved parties have with regard to the project result.


In the Design phase the list of requirements that is developed in the definition phase can be used to make your design choices. 


In the Develop phase, everything that will be needed to implement the project is arranged and incorporated into the site design. A schedule is created, images, content, colors are compiled.


In the Deploy phase involves the live actual project results being deployed to your host server. 


In the Deliver phase, you we will walk thorough the entire site with you and complete any last minute punch out list items. Once completed you site will be made live.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in building clean responsive user friendly WordPress websites. Our goal is to provide an affordable and functional website that help you to achieve your personal or business goals and objectives. 

We will also help you increase your visibility online and your search engine rankings. we use keyword research tools and competitive analysis to determine the most effective terms and phrases used by your potential customers.

We’ll walk you through ways to measure the ROI of your website, using tools like SEMRush, Co-Schedule, HubSpot and Google Analytics.

Over 20 years experience in business, information technology and project management.

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